Thursday, July 15, 2010

Onion drive, fat rabbit brat,Summer night fun

The onion bulbs were planted almost 4 months ago in the old garden. The weeds have hidden them so well that I was only able to pull just over half what was planted. Which is exactly why I decided now is better then later. I will go back once the weeds begin to die down to see if there is more I can harvest.
For now, our harvest is curing in the driveway.

Obviously they are not of a very large size due to the weeds blocking all the sun. I'm smiling despite the fact, due to our growing onions for the first time with moderate success.

Momma rabbit decided to taunt me with her current state of pregnancy. I swear she enjoys giving me a hard time with each one. I knew she had to be due soon.
When I walked into the pen for water duty around 2 pm yesterday, I found 1 lone rabbit kit, pink and wiggling on the ground. I searched frantically for more pink babies. I overturned every possible hiding place. I crawled hands and knees through the weeds searching for her spot. I even dug up the groundhog tunnel she had played around in. Nothing.
So I decided to put her and the lone baby in a cage with nest box.

What confirmed her full term pregnancy for me?
As I finished up painting the new chicken coop, she decided half of a wooden box I leaned up against the coop, was the PERFECT place to start building a nest. She was busy bringing mouthfuls of grass to put inside, with barely a glimpse my way. Well, she did nudge my feet if they got in her way without even so much as an "excuse me". She was busy a good 1/2 hour before I peeked inside for a look at all her hard work. No Fur but I knew to be on baby alert.

I woke the next morning to her having just finished giving birth to 7 more babies. I can not believe she had them so far apart. Female rabbits do have 2 horns which means they can have 2 separate pregnancies of different gestation age. But 14 hours apart?

Like I said, she enjoys giving me a hard time.
As for Sir Don Julio, he will be banished to his own little fenced in area once the babies are a bit older. No more of his interruptions will be tolerated.

The cider press is half done. The Hopper style apple grinder will be next. And between everything else going on, I have to find a way to get the huge wooden clubhouse play set with slide from the old house to the new house...Yeah...Not sure how this is going to work out with the truck being a mid size... Now if I could only come up with a cool spot to place it so we can hook the zip line up to it & a tree. Man, that would be fun to sail down on!

Tonight, It looks to be another grand show put on by our neighborhood lightening bugs. You can find me enjoying our oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich's as I sit on the front stoop. Watching the kids run after the twinkling yellow lights.

Sweetest dreams,


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