Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trickery in the Garden....

Our old neighbor & my good friend Jeannie came over to play yesterday in the woods. We picked her 7 lbs of blackberries in about 30 minutes. These babies are ripening fast on a daily basis!
We both had scratches all over our legs and arms but decided it was way better then our previous "secret berry patch" (in the metro park). No mosquito bites in the new "secret patch", out back.
Her husband commented about her scratches when she got home "You were playing the woods with Tammie again, haven't you?!"... laughing....Yep.

Then today while picking yellow tomatoes in the garden, something catches my eye over in the Patty pan squash area. I get closer to investigate and discover what looks to be a genetic freak Butternut squash growing from a Patty pan squash plant.

I call the Captain over to see it and as he steps closer I pick it up and....the vine was cut. Hmmm. I stood there confused, staring at this 20lb monster. Where did it come from? Then I thought of my Bud Chris who had "planted" a cockatoo egg in the chick brooder (2 month old chicks were inside) of a newbie chicken neighbor. The guy was convinced those chicks laid that egg . he would not be deterred from his conclusion until he called Chris over only to discover he had been Punked.
So I call Chris and he denies any involvement in this trickery. The only other person I know with a garden is Mr. J, our landlord. I walked over with this life preserver sized squash hanging from my arm and knocked on the door.
Oh he's good. Real good. Not a smile or laughing twinkle to his eyes as he came to the door. I ask "Did you put this in my garden?"

That's when the poker face broke and he grinned with a chuckle, "yes. Yes I did".
We had a good laugh about his trickery and he explained it is a Pennsylvania crook neck squash from last years garden.

I so adore he & and his wife. Truly wonderful they live just across the road. When I pick berries from the yard or U-pick, I make sure I bring some over for their enjoyment. When the tree fruits are harvested here, they will be included.
Mrs. J has asked if they could come over sometime and see our chickens. She has so many questions about keeping them and appears to be a possible future Chicken owner.
Fresh eggs from our ladies seem to have given them a new taste for homegrown poultry. They exclaimed our eggs taste richer and have such a deep orange beautiful color. Wonder how they feel about Dairy goats....

Looks like I will be making some pies tonight while the heat is down. I have a 20lb squash to peel & prepare which was split in half due to Lil Man & Frog wearing it like a life preserver, playing "Man over board" with the coffee table.

Sweet Dreams,


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