Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stressing about Upcoming Summer Markets

Tomorrow I should really start making a game plan for the summer months. I feel like if I start out with $4,000 in product I should have enough to stay somewhat stocked throughout the rest of the summer. I'll probably have to postpone a Portland trip until it ends because markets are going to be my life for a little while. I'm so excited.

For years I've wanted to be an art of a busy market and now Reclaimed Wreckage is giving me that opportunity. I feel like the last holiday market was slow, yet successful and I know for a fact that the summer market will be a busy, rushed, exhilarating experience. I can't wait.

I know how important photography is to even be considered for acceptance of a good market so a few days ago I took my newly adopted Olivia (more on her later) to a photo shoot for her to model my bags and retake some much-needed pictures. Somehow I lost all the photos taken from my camera but was able to save the ones from the other, professional camera. So frustrating but I'm sure we'll survive.


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