Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday Night Candling, A Deep Clean For My Ears

Last night, me and Olivia decided to take on a new adventure involving a long wax tube, a lighter, and our ears. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we decided to do ear candling.

At first the thought of sticking a massive candle in my ear and lighting it on fire kind of terrified me... but in a way that was also cool and interesting. The flame at times was almost 2 inches tall and directly over my hair. It kind of reminded me of this one time in Las Vegas in front of the Treasure Island show when a drunken idiot lit a portion of my hair on fire with his cigar, only this time I was doing it to myself. Regardless, the little pops it makes while it's creating the gentle vacuum are relaxing and I have to say I enjoyed it.

The candle will burn for about ten minutes until it's only 3 inches long on top of your head, then it's best to put it out (and don't try blowing, because it turns out that only makes the flame bigger) but when you put it out and unroll it, your in for it.

I clean my ears on a regular basis, but it still somehow sucked a dime sized Carmel ball out of my head and into the wax tunnel. My head feels clearer, I can hear better, and I'm amazingly aware of the congestion on the other side of my head which is terribly annoying.
For all of you guys out there who don’t know if you want to try ear candling or not, I DEFINETLY recommend it.


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