Friday, March 26, 2010

Part 2 Video~ Garden Obelisks with Rick Pratt

The time we spent with Rick Pratt has left a deep impression. He is such an inspiring man who we feel fortunate to reap from his skills.

In this last part of the Garden Obelisks, you will learn how to make solid structures for heavier climbers and plants such as Tomatoes. In the beginning I share with you a few variances from what he teaches us with these videos. I hope you feel inspired by watching this great Artisan at work and try your hand at a few. Put some Art back into the garden. Make it a place not just for growing food, but a place where you make your own organic world to enjoy.

Enjoy & remember - PLEASE rate these videos over on Youtube. By rating it (with the stars below it on the youtube page), you help keep them in the higher ranks of the search engine. Making it easier for future viewers to enjoy them.

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I may not have another video for a few weeks. My next scheduled filming is not until the first week in April. The Captain will be joining me on that adventure and being as green as he is to a lot of what I and others do, should be rather fun. After all, watching a total newb try his hand at what we will be doing, should make for a great time.

I would love to see your own handcrafted Garden obelisks. Please be sure to come back and share a link if you create any for your own garden or yard.

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