Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Week in Disneyland....

I spent last week in Disneyland with the family riding carousels 8 times, eating $10.00 cotton candy, and diluting my soda because it was just to carbonated. Every minute of it was perfect. It does make you think though, why doesn't everyone just run off to Disneyland whenever they feel like it? I sure as hell don't make a ton of money or have the financial stability most people crave. I think it's just that me and Chris believe that we can. We believe that we can do anything. We always have fun doing whatever we want and we somehow make it all work out afterward. We'll still pay bills this month, we'll still be able to afford everything we need, we just might have to work a little harder and cut down on eating out. But the 36 bottles of wine in my pantry and the Mikey Mouse coffee mug in my dishwasher make it all worth while. It was fantastic.


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