Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our mini hoop frame garden & a Panda kid's edition

With so much great Spring weather and of course those high temps we had for a few weeks, I experimented with a new method. This is my mini hoop frame garden. Made from old tomato cages I re purposed out of old fence sections. Now they serve a third purpose and have been a success. 4 MIL plastic covering the 3 sections of recycled fence sections. Placed in a half circle forms over the ground. Old fire bricks and soil holding them in place with a spot to open for air flow.

I have at one end, a rainbow of colors in sweet peppers, Then a section is Snowball X cauliflower. The longest section is salad greens from Romaine to mesculan and an Italian blend. So far, all have sprouted and chugging along despite the dip in temperatures. (we had sleet a few days/nights ago when temps dipped into the low 30's F). I am rather fond of this new to me method. It will be utilized for early season growth from now on.

I am still piecing together our latest video. All this footage being downloaded onto my laptop has caused slow speed not just with internet, but the movie edit program takes much longer to use. Splicing at the exact fraction of a second has not been accurate.Once I have the opportunity to get to a store, I will pick up some DVD R discs for backing everything up (and clearing space on the laptop). This should speed up my work and internet access.
Panda is slowly working on her own special kid's edition video. Spurred on by an incident with a toad she found during the big "mating call" day at the park. She has the drive & desire but the poor thing is instantly shy when the camera comes on. So we are doing practice footage to help her relax more. Not to mention the knowledge of toads & frogs which has me amazed. Hopefully she will have it complete in the next few days. We have had so many overcast & rainy spurts between the sunny ones. Makes for no video footage time.
I have a lot to do in the garden tomorrow before the rain hits again. One last section of the garden to till and weed before laying down the weed cloth. The hard part being it is the herb square. I have many herbs to transplant and even more weeds/grass to pull from the garden's quarter section. And the strawberries seem to be invading the whole thing. Now what am I suppose to do with all these extra runners?
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