Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Fling festival projects & bunny pee?

I am so very excited for the next few weekends. One of which I have attempted to attend for years now & would always get distracted by the weather. Not this year! I'll share more about it in a few weeks.
And then on the 8th of May, I will be out at the Harvest Thyme's 2nd annual Spring Fling.
With my bounty of plants to swap. I think my camera guy has many strawberry plants to swap in this event, too. If you remember from lat year, I amassed almost 200 runners from him. Which I shared with a few neighbors.
"Come on over to Harvest Thyme Farm for our 2nd Annual Spring Fling Heirloom Seed Sale & Plant Swap! This years cooking theme will be RHUBARB & VIOLETS with tasty concessions made from the same. Featuring local crafters, speakers and growers. No admission charge. We are asking that if you plan on participating in the plant swap you mark your plants with any knowledge and growing folklore and bring a large box or basket to carry your goodies home in.
Still looking for vendors, please call for more information. "

And here is the must know info for those wishing to attend:
Date: May 8, 2010
Time: 11am - 5pm
1027 US Highway 224
Nova, OH

If you happen to see me while your there, don't let the stuffing of my face with all those great foods deter you from saying Hello! (and hopefully I'll get my hands on one of the fabulous whoopie pies lil' miss Dawn makes!)
Can't attend? Don't worry. I'll share all the great sites and events with you. You will just have to miss out on the tastes and smells...

During one of my long hours of researching, I found a most interesting woman who shared with me, she has a book on the subject of natural material Toad & bird houses. I quickly searched the library index in hopes I could get my hands on a copy NOW- instead of waiting for one to arrive via snail mail. I can not wait for the library to open on Sunday. Panda and I will be waiting at the doors.

A short story to share of what happened the other day. Our 2 baby bunnies are growing ever so large without all the extra competition for momma milk. Frog asked to hold one so I thought I would snap a few pics of her holding the bouncy lil' bugger. I hand her the camera as I reach into the whelping pen for one of the bunnies. Holding it close as I start to stand up and calm it it down from my grasp. And then...I feel this warm wet sensation flowing down my stomach. What is that?

UGH! Bunny pee! I have never had a rabbit pee on me. This was a first. Frog thought it was hilarious and snapped a picture between giggles.
I wonder if it will stain once I have it fully washed & dried?
Sweet Dreams,


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