Sunday, April 18, 2010

The grumpies

The grumpies

A kids book
To X and
to Scott and Lucy,

The grumpies wake up 
right before dawn
they put on their hats
and scurry along

they spread over the land
and over the sea
and sometimes I wake up
and they are all over me

They are hard to get rid of
because they get in your hair
they jump in your undies
they are really not fair

they will slide down your toast
and slip in your jam
they will do laps in your tea
yelling "grumpy I am"

the grumps like to bring
along their dog pout
who will sit on your lower lip
and make sure no smiles get out

he is a guard dog
like guard dogs can be
he will teach you to grumble
and growl at me

You'll say, "No I don't want to!"
and, "Go away NOW."
the grumpies will mumble and bumble and cheer
their job almost done, they will take a big BOW

and dive in your pockets
where they are hard to get out
all nestled and cozy on a day full of rain
a grumpy infestation is really quite a pain

the grumpies like to turn
all colors to grey
their favorite greeting is
"Hope you have a miserable day!"

When they are in your pockets
you don't have a chance
because they are quick
and they will make you quite slow
they will zip up your zipper
the next thing you'll know
they will take both your shoelaces
and rappel down your pants

the grumpies are very very hard to shake
they will make you quite snippy
as they fill up your clothes

they are bossy and itchy
all under your skin
the thing you should do 
so you don't let them win
is to jump out of your 
grumpy lumpy filled pants
and go jump in a lake 
and play with some ants

Occasionally that doesn't 
work at all you see
and you may have to turn 
to a good friend like me
who will sit with you
in spite of your grump
and make lots of jokes
to scare the grumpies away
and pick the ones off
who are fearless today

we will take them
and fling them and shake them all off
and those grumpies will go running
back to where they came
or to another place 
to make some other 
miserable guy's day lame

But you, not you!!!
Your day will be 
grump free
because you get to spend it
with a good friend like me

we will play in the rain
till the sun comes out
and dig in the dirt 
and run and shout

and make a big fort
with a sign on the door
that say "all grumps stay out!!"
by the end of the day
you will forget 
that it started in a big grumpy way

At the end of the day
we will curl up and read
and the grumps at the window 
do not get to come in
your sweet dreams will start
from a little tiny seed
and grow through the night
like a well watered weed. 


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