Saturday, June 12, 2010

delay, panda's derby race, free tomatoes & Beehives..

You most likely can tell I am behind on our latest video. It's not on purpose. I had the complete video ready for uploading Friday and well....I deleted it. Not realizing what I did until it was too late. This has been a super busy week(even beyond my normal busy).
I am working on it once again. A week delay for our Modern day McGuire homestead segment. My sincere apologies to those who have been looking forward to seeing her new cellar & summer Kitchen.

Panda was in the Akron Area Soap Box Derby yesterday! We had a schedule conflict since Lil' Man had baseball championship games (3 games in one day!!). So The Captain & I split up and he was Umpire for the baseball & I was "co handler" & Cheer master at the Soap Box Derby.
In case you are not familiar with it, Akron Ohio is the capital for the Soap Box Derby. People from around the world come here to compete in this unique & fun race. Click here to read more about the infamous *Soap Box Derby*.

Her Grandpa was her Team Handler, helping with setting up & other details involved with her car. In this picture, look behind them and you will see 3/4 of the hill track they go down. It is 989 feet long!

Panda LOVED it & Lil man will be in his first race next year. I guess you can say I'm a Derby Mom now...

Panda did not build her car this year. She is driving in a Sponsored car for the local championship.The winner of a Local Race is called a "Local Champion" and is eligible to compete in the AASBD World Championship in Akron, Ohio against other Local Champions.
What started out as favorite childhood pastime in the early 20th century, has evolved into a world over loved event. Frog so badly wanted to have a go down that hill. 3 1/2 more years baby. Then you can have a go.

As for other news, I am picking up 2-3 truck bed fulls of Tomato plant flats! FREE! I have offered to my Homesteaders group to come get a few flats and offered to local friends as well. The woman who was adamant I do the Farmers market is shutting her nursery shop early this year. She called me up & said "they go in your truck or the compost." same as she did when she gave me 8 flats of cauliflower, cabbage & kohlrabi... And to think, I thought that 20X60 plot of land at the new house would not be used up. The Landlord has some squash he wants to plant in there since he ran out of room. What is going to think when he see's me driving in with truck loads of tomatoes?! Hopefully my friends will unload me of most. I mostly want the paste kind.
The Nursery owner, Mrs. Becker, will also be spotlighted in future videos. That woman is AMAZING! The things she has done & is doing to be self sufficient and the ideas for her set up... Very inspiring and a garden lovers dream. She was teasing me on the phone and said now I have no reason to back out of market this year. I'll have to change my sign to Tammie's Tomatoes & the Tweens.
I also scored a few free Beehives complete with an older "smoker" & beekeeper gloves. The 84 yr old man had at one time, over 300 hives! I feel fortunate to have received these in kindness. he was a hoot to meet & I look forward to have someone so knowledgeable I can turn to with a lifetime in Beekeeping.
So much excitement this week. I am a very proud Mom & a super stoked Gardener/future Beekeeper. June has been my lucky month.
Sweetest dreams,


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