Friday, June 11, 2010

Developing a creative mission statement

Your creative mission statement can be one sentence, a paragraph, or several key phrases that speak to you. But they should encompass your business as a whole and your goals, motivation, and exactly what you produce. Often they'll be something so simple as: "To make the nonfunctional, functional" like Alchemy Goods or as broad as, "Save money, live better" and we all know who says that. However, they should always give your customers a good idea of what they'll see in your store and what you offer.

Although I've been selling my work since October, I'm really still learning how to be a real business as my sales increase. Today I finally developed a clear creative mission statement:

-To make waste, functional
-To hand make unique upcycled accessories with professional quality
-To design and produce my own work
-To offer customers a variety of products in different design, price, and material


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