Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Developing inexpensive inventory

I've come to realize that one of the best ways to get higher sales at markets is to have a massive amount of inexpensive inventory. Items less than $20.00 are sure to sell faster since they can be bought on a whim while my $80.00 bags are still moving but appeal to more financially stable buyers who can fork out that kind of money unexpectadly. On my etsy shop, customers can see my products, add them as a favorite, and wait until their next paycheck to make their investment. When you go to market, you never know what your gunna see and what your gunna get.

Sooooo in my quest to create $1,000 in inventory under $25.00 by July 4th for my next big market, I've introduced some new designs to both my etsy shop and to my market booth.

The next is my bicycle tube belt complete with a silver reflector buckle. I have such a huge variety of these in the works. I'm cutrrently in the process of making about 20 that should be finished tomorrow.


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