Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Michi girl's words of wisdom

Michi girl's book Like I give a frock is a 'fashion forecast and meaningless misguidance' according to the cover, but really its all the rude and crude truth you'd expect from your best mate regarding fashion advice and opinion. After reading just one little fact [A camel's hump is full of fat and will shrink if the camel doesn't eat. The same does not apply to the camel toe], I decided I MUST buy this for my best girlfriend. But the more I read it (and laugh) the more I want to keep it for myself like a dirty little secret I can keep referring to when I need a fashion pep talk.

The gorgeous illustrations are by Ortolan's Kat Macleod, written by Simone Elder and Chloe Quigley. A pet project by the founders of this talented design studio, the book was an Australian bestseller in two months of it's launch.
Hmm...maybe a scarf for Sus's birthday isn't such a bad idea...


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