Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our NEW homestead....

I have held off on sharing more of this news until I had pictures for sharing. We are moving July 1st into this very fitting & lovely home. it looks small from the outside but is 1700 sq ft on the 2 floors with a full basement not included in the footage:

I would pass this house everyday during the last 6 years, when the kids participated in open enrollment in this school district. I fell in love with it's charm and this unique front door:

We are ALL very excited to move to this 1940's house which sits on 3 acres. 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and 2 fireplaces along with a mud/sun room and full basement (which is where 1 of the fireplaces are located) complete with a root cellar in awesome condition and a canning pantry! Oh and the kitchen.... This is truly a rental rarity. The owners have worked hard on maintaining and updating without taking away much from it's original charm. Priced right. Puts the kids back in their old school system. Just a short walk to their grandparents house & Panda's best friend (since kindergarten- have I mentioned Panda is going into the 6th grade!) The perfect size interior with so much old house character. Curved interior door ways, cedar closets, big windows, plus so much more.

It is backed up by at least 100 or so acres of woods. With 5 acres to one side (vacant and owner refuses to sell anytime soon- is letting our landlord use it if he likes as more land to grow produce) and an old graveyard on the other side.

Just beyond this tree line sits at least 100 acres of woods. There is a road to the left which has at least 300 more acres of woods. There are a few neighborhoods in the area but all are backed by this natural environment.
We have a huge pear tree which gives lots of fruit and at least 3 apple trees which also still bear plenty of yummy apples. This is on the side which looks towards the vacant land the man refuses to sell.

We have about 4o ft of woods separating us from the graveyard. A perfect "adventure" area for the kids.

The Landlord is putting in a 230 gallon Rainwater catch system for the watering of my 20X60 garden, which he so kindly disced up for me last week once I told him the size I would like.

He is placing a new gutter system on the large outbuilding and hopes to have it finished before we move in. He is still cleaning up from the old tenants. It was his suggestion since they have asked we do not use the house water (it's well water) for the garden. "What do you think of rain barrels for watering the garden?" I would LOVE to use that system but I have no more barrels." I have a 230 gallon barrel sitting in the garage for this purpose. Would you be opposed to me setting the system up for you?" Of course not. I would greatly appreciate it!".

He is putting a large Hoop house off to the side by the woods for his organic produce. He will begin this to sell produce to local restaurants. He also happens to be a professional photographer. He and his wife seem excited to have a young family with so much in common with themselves, moving in.{rare to find other Organic method people). A mutual respect and understanding of this life is a great thing.
The chickens will be housed in this old dog kennel and the rabbit hutch's too. We have agreed no roosters and must have written permission to add more animals then the amount we already have.

We do have neighbors across the street from us .An elderly couple who lived there a very long time.
I was trying to unload my tiller yesterday and one of the gentleman from across the road came to my rescue. He had heard a young family was moving in and mentioned they were happy to hear the neighborhood will have the sounds of children once again. I laughed and said the laughter also comes with the normal sibling squabbles and occasional scream. He smiled with a twinkle in his eye and said "Whats the great without the bad to appreciate what is there".

This is going to be one grand adventure.

Sweetest dreams,


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