Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend road trips spread out the summer fun...

The economy has hit almost everyone in a most unpleasant way. During the summer when our children are off school, we like to do weekend getaways. Spacing out summer fun has shown to be so much more enjoyable then just a week vacation.
We do one tank round trips. Once or twice a month. Camping is 1/4 the price if not lower then what one would spend on accommodations. With a family of 5, this also means the money spent on meals would be much lower due to having a camp stove or open fire to cook upon.
Our children are able to see & explore more then most of their friends. They have so many great adventures to share. Pictures and stories to place in their summer scrap books.

Small towns have so much history and unexpected sites to offer. Driving through these small towns usually delivers pieces of history long forgotten or rarely seen. I spotted this Coca Cola sign fading away on the side of a brick building. Cola has not been 5 cents in my lifetime. The children being so young did not understand the significance, so we had to explain the sign was so old, it is most likely from Grandpa's time. They finally understood it when explained in that fashion...
This weekend, we traveled down by Cincinnati Ohio for the Lavender festival at Peaceful Acres Farm.

We were also wedding photo crashers at this church in town. The things I make The Captain do... I had him snap a picture as we drove by. The families did not look impressed. Maybe it was the not so quiet muffler on my poor Saturn Vue. Slowing down for a quick few photo's just made it last longer for them. I need to get the manual and fix that soon. It is rather embarrassing to announce our arrival in that fashion. What can I say? She is now 7 years old and paid off. Neither of us are mechanics. I look forward to doing it. Just another "did it myself" satisfaction. Now if I can only sum up enough courage to do the brakes...

While attending the festival, we picked a massive bundle of Lavender. Enjoying the fields along with the many bee's buzzing next to our hands. We sampled the lavender foods and lemonade. The children played Frisbee golf with their dad and shot peanuts from the huge slingshot placed by the meadow field. Poor Frog, being a toddler, has a much harder time finding her own entertainment the way her older siblings do.
Although, the misting tent and kids Yoga seemed to be the highlight of her day. She LOVES Yoga!

There is so much left to do in the new Garden. The fence has yet to be erected as I had planned before the trip. More space for transplanting needs filled. And of course there is so many herbs left in the old garden which need to be dug up.

I feel so far behind this year in the garden. So much still to do and July is soon to be upon us. Next year will be better as the saying goes for all levels of gardeners.

Sweetest dreams,


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