Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cider press, Apples, pears, berries & my *@:`%! PC

With a new home that has such an abundance of fruit trees, we have decided to make sure the fruit does not go to waste. hours have been spent on contemplating cider presses for the huge amount of apples we have now. The ones with the jack method appeal to us verse the normal piano screw twist method for pressing. After crunching some cost numbers & comparing the yield of juice in the many cider press styles, we will begin making a model similar to this one:

This guy has a series of pics showing his set up and in a comment on another site, he said his yield is about 20% more then he had with the old school style. the Shop press is about $130. With their coupons, we could save about $40 more and total for making this set up will be about $175-$200 with purchased hardwoods for pressing plates, mesh fruit press bags & the Food grade plastic press plates.
I'll keep ya updated with the progress & outcome once things get rolling.

We also have 2 Pear tree's on the side property line. One is about 60 feet (or more) tall. Mr.J, the Landlord said they are Bartlett's and the best pears are of course HIGH up in the tree. Looks like someone will be donning a climbers get up when the harvest time comes around.

The 2 pear tree's with Lil man for height comparison

The pears are looking great! No care of any kind has been taken for all the fruit tree's here. We are most likely the first family in over a decade to have any interest in them.

More Black Raspberries being harvested. Frog eats them as quick as I bring them in. We have yet to save enough from her hunger for saving in the freezer.

I am having PC issues with connecting the Digital video camera. We are using Roadrunner now and received a wireless router from my FIL. It seems to have erased any memory of the connection to my camera and being they are away until next week, I STILL have no videos for posting. VERY frustrating since I have things lined up for filming. With built in memory, I have to connect the two. Looks like I may end up biting the money bullet for a removable memory card to prevent this in the future.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for those looking forward to my little Homestead theme videos. I am working on rescheduling a few things for next month and hopefully this whole mess with the PC ports/software, will be fixed ASAP.

Now I must be off to get the new chicken coop started before bed.

Sweet dreams,


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