Thursday, July 1, 2010

Film Interiors Unwrapped: Still Breathing

first time I saw Still Breathing was in a motel room on one of my cross-country drives. I only caught the last half hour and was intrigued enough to rent the film when I returned home. I consider it a classic in waiting, which is clear from the fact that I have already referenced it in a blog post on cairns (see post for a synopsis of the story). Besides the beautifully written script, atmospheric soundtrack and inviting cinematography of San Antonio, the set decor serves the characters perfectly. Brendan Fraser's character, Fletcher, lives in the Texas house where he grew up. It's a comfortable combination of family heirlooms and his own artistic additions. Rosalyn, played by Joanna Going, is an L.A. con artist who convinces wealthy men to buy expensive art pieces from her friend's gallery. She brings the men to her apartment for the final brush-off, so her place must look like the home of a savvy art lover. It's full of bright color and mod pieces from the fifties.

Fletcher's entryway features framed landscapes, 
an ornate little mirror and a simple wood lamp.

A vintage clock and tiny wooden boat sit atop cigar boxes.

A well stocked library and the hint of a leather club chair.

Fletcher's grandmother shares some of 
his childhood relics with a curious Ros.

The covered porch with casual drapes and vintage rattan furniture.

Fletcher's kitchen is grounded by a solid oval table.

Above the sink, a light strip highlights
 a collection of colorful milkglass coffee cups. Vintage 
postcards of his city serve as a backsplash.

Glass cannisters are at home with a large white pitcher
 and primitive wooden bowl in Fletcher's kitchen.

Rosalyn's dining room is painted sunflower yellow
 and features a Scandinavian table and chairs
 and black and white art. It seems to be
 the least visited room in her apartment. 

Contemporary art purchased for her by a suitor
 sits temporarily on her desk.

The view from her kitchen: a blue enamel fridge and
 asymmetrical frames hold paint-by-numbers paintings.

A feminine living room is joined by a heavy 
tree chunk that serves as her stress-relieving dart board.

The following items from the current marketplace share some of the spirit of the inspiration pieces in Fletcher's home.

A library ladder from Farnsworth on 1stdibs. A clock I currently have
 for sale at West End Garage. A rococo-style mirror from
 The Aviary and a leather club chair from Loftgoods.

A teak bench from Cathy's Marketplace and a
 sewing basket from Timberstoys.

Apothecary jars from Time for Treasures.

Milkglass coffee mugs from Modish Vintage.

And a handful of pieces that are inspired by Rosalyn's digs:

Hans Wegner wishbone chairs from Danish Design Store.

A paint by numbers sailboat painting from Sweet Love Vintage.

A blue fridge from Smeg and a tufted fuchsia sofa from Anne Coyle.

(Film images are the property of Zap Pictures, Inc. and October Films. Production Designer: Denise Pizzini. Set Decorator: Lisa Lopez.)


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