Friday, November 5, 2010

Design Studies: Make Things|Make Sense

Hazel White gave us a very interesting lecture this morning which really made my mind begin to tick (yes, even more than it appears to normally - judging by the amount I post on here).

She originally trained as a Jeweller at DJCAD after doing a History & English degree prior to coming to Dundee. After doing a multitude of other projects before reaching where she is in her career today - she is now Program Director of DJCAD's Masters of Design. Interestingly, she conveyed to us how you can take paths within design (especially via the Masters avenue) that you may never dreamed possible. She showed us that whatever your original discipline may be, (albeit your starting point and also main area of interest) may not be where design takes you after 3, 4 or even 5 years. She showed us how she infused jewellery design with care - a project where she tried to make the red alert button elderly people sometimes have in case of emergency around their necks more bearable. Not merely a label that boldly states you are incapable of caring for yourself.

It really made me think where I&ED may take me in the future. Pretty spaces, and in the grand scheme of things - worthless spaces, change nothing. They don't change lives, they don't enhance quality of life. But they could.

Spaces may not save lives. Prevent accidents. Question. Educate. Shock...but they should. And, after today's insightful lecture - I will try my hardest to make sure they will.


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