Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reclaimed Wreckage Bags available at Urban Scrap

Amber Debirk, founder of Urban Scrap is no ordinary artist. She's a teacher, environmentalist, mother, and Glass Artist who makes gorgeous belt buckles, jewelry, and mixed media wall art from recycled glass. I met Amber through the wonderful world of Etsy and am privileged enough to have my work showcased in her studio. Besides being a charming and personable woman, she teaches her methods and even has a monthly Eco craft for kids in her new studio in Millcreek. Amongst her bright walls, cheery glass art, and an overall whimsical atmosphere, my work hangs on a bright purple wall directly parallel to the front french doors. So far so good, I sold a Colleen Clutch on opening night and have sold two more pieces since then that need to be restocked.

One of these days, I would love to be where she is an artist. I would love to have a studio outside my home (especially in an adorable community like hers) and a storefront boutique to showcase other talented artists. Opening night was a great party with wine, live music, and 15 artists work available for the viewing. Incredible.


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