Thursday, November 18, 2010

Upcycled sweaters {tutorial time} 1

I will have 2 different tutorials on upcycling sweaters. Lets start with something that is the new "in" thing. Remember Madonna and her fingerless gloves? Yep, the 80's are the new influence of style which are walking the runway for the Fall fashion shows. The price for the average pair of wool fingerless glove (arm warmers) start around $15 for low brand and go up.
Of course, you must have more then 1 pair to keep things matching. Plenty of tutorials out there on making them too from knitting yourself or using the sleeve portion of old sweaters.
BUT this one shows how to do it with one of those $2 sweater vest finds at the thrift store. Lets start with some winter woolly ones.
Frog wanted a purple short sleeve dress which in order to wear during the winter, meant jeans as well as either a long sleeve shirt under it, a sweater over it or... these:
The inspiration came from a very cool book I picked up for Panda, on her quest to have a Handmade holiday theme, but keep it cool & useful. This is the sweater vest I upcycled in this tutorial, as well as the book that will teach you how to make these from sweater sleeves :

Step 1:Measure the arm of the person who will be wearing these. Frog is 5 (as of 2 days ago) and being my children are ogres compared to the average, I am not listing measurements in this tutorial other then sharing now, what her size is for comparison. I cut 4 panels of 8 1/2 inches long (length of forearm) x 4" wide (for the opening ends). For the thumb piece I cut a square 2 3/4 inches outside thumb x 2 1/2" inside thumb measurements.Step 2: Sew the front & back together on ONE long side. Be sure it is opposite from each other. Sew one set on the left side and the other set on the right side. These will be the seams on the opposite of your hand/thumbs. .

step 3: On the finger opening end, you will sew the square piece to each of the unsewn front side of your long pieces, at the finger opening end. This will encase the thumb separate from the other fingers. You will sew it straight on one side and at a slight V angle on the opposite (the top side-embroidered flower side for me-of these will be where you sew it at a half V angle like this:

Step 4: Cut off the excess of your thumb squareNow sew up the seam from the thumb bottom V to the arm top opening.Step 5: You will need either crocheting thread or embroidery thread to close up the thumb hole. I used black which utilizing very tiny stitches, it hid well into the knit weave. DO NOT hand sew all the way down. Use the half V thumb angle seam as your guide, sewing the seam about 1 inch.

You can either add the strip of grey (using the V Neck portion of the vest), by sewing it on the arm top end tube or just fold a seam & stitch. Your now done! Now what to do with the excess leftover knit fabric? How about a hat!

2 styles of cold weather hat coming up in our next {tutorial time}! One for the guys (an alternitive cool look) & one like the above for girls. Now go through those closets and prepare to utilize those old sweaters. By the way, these are great gifts for that teen/ tween and younger!

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