Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Sneak Peek -- and a Painted Pantry Door!!

I’ve spent a large part of the summer working on a kitchen/family room remodel.

It started off with my entertainment center redo. And then morphed into painting the kitchen cabinets and island, a slipcover for my sectional, painting my kitchen and other related projects. I think my husband is afraid that this project is slowly encompassing the entire house (shhhhh -- he may be right).

entertainment center beadboard remodel

I have a hard time showing little projects along the way. I always think that everyone likes the complete reveal. My friend Shelley was saying that I should do some updates along the way.

So I thought I would share my pretty painted pantry door today.

turquoise pantry door from the side

I love the turquoise and aqua tones that are so popular right now.

They are so soothing. So much of my kitchen and family remodel focuses on these shades, as well as neutrals like grey and white. I thought it would be fun to add a bright POP of color in the kitchen with a happy pantry door.

martha stewart rainwatermartha stewart lagoon

I mixed a little Martha Stewart Rainwater, along with some Lagoon and painted the door. I found it so much easier to do once the door was taken off the hinges. I used an eggshell finish, but I saw a door that was done in high gloss and it looked awesome. I may be painting it again with the high gloss. I think the contrast would look great against the matte grey walls.

Here’s a before picture:

pantry before

I am still looking for a really cool doorknob to add. Here are a few I am thinking of:

I might just buy another doorknob like the one that I put in my Beachy Laundry Room:

doorknob from laundry room

I also miss my chalkboard on the front – it was a great place to put our menu for the week and who was cooking each night. I have quite a bit still to do on the kitchen – today I am working on making some DIY no-sew Roman Shades. Plus, I have a wall treatment I am doing on two of the walls. And a few other things before the big reveal!!

turquoise pantry door needs

 Here are a couple more sneak peek pictures:

kitchen desk

 {this is the color of the kitchen island -- isn't it fun?}

In the meantime – look at these fun painted pantry door ideas. It’s a great way to bring a POP of color into your kitchen. And if you don’t have a pantry, what about an interior door?

View album


1. Blue Screen Door -- Coastal Living

2. Red Screen Door -- Country Living

3. Chalkboard Door -- Apartment Therapy

4. Brown Painted Door -- C Designs

5. Blue Painted Door-- Me & My

Have a {Happy} Day!!


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