Tuesday, August 16, 2011

London Bound

I'm off to London tonight - and as fun as this sounds, I'm dreading the 11 hour bus journey that comes first.

Aside from that, I'm quite excited to be visiting again, however it has been somewhat tainted by the recent riots that have been so widely publicised recently. I'm not going to go on much about that though, as the internet is already crawling with opinions and outbursts regarding the riots, with blame being put on several things.

I am however excited that after returning from London it's only two weeks until term starts again! Third year should be fun, even as the workload increases. GIDE is coming to Dundee this year and we have new studios to make into our homes for the next academic year - I hope to do a post about the reshuffle soon, as well as GIDE, once we find out more about it.

Apologies for the short but sweet post - I'm really busy with my work at the moment and have several things taking up all my time! I will however post further on what GIDE is, the new studios, London and our new academic choices, come start of term.



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