Monday, August 8, 2011

My gratitude list for the day

Overall, today has been absolute shit. I mean literally with potty-training this morning and then it came back again when I got a letter from my doctor saying that my MRI came back normal so my arm numbness is cardiovascular- a MUCH bigger deal. Things are scary when you don't know whats going on. Today, I need to focus on the positive.

As a lot of you know I keep a gratitude journal and write down at least 7 great things about each day. Whenever I stop writing for a few days I can tell. I'm moody, hyper-sensitive, and an overall bitch. Since today has been the exceptional, here's my list for today and I thought I'd share it with you:

1. I have an amazing family. My kid is hilarious and wore a robot mask and a superhero cape for most of the day. He makes my day every day and falls asleep in my bed every night. I'm so lucky
2. My husband is my best friend and calls me several times when he's at work just to say hi- I think he's just bored to death, but I love that he misses me when he's away.
3. Although I didn't get as much done today as I had planned, I should still be able to ship out ALL my back-orders tomorrow and be somewhat ready to craft lake city on Saturday.

4. I will have not one, but TWO magazine publications this week. I don't know if I'll ever break that record.
5. Today starts Chris's last day on so he will have an entire week off with us. I can't wait because I could really use a break from motherhood for an hour or two.
6. Thank god for health insurance

7. I'm young and strong willed- so chances are I'll outlive an old person with the same problems
8. I'm in the process of making some kick-ass laptop sleeves. I can't wait to finish 8 tomorrow.
9. My mom calls and checks up on me. She loves me so much.

10. I'll be passed out by eleven and tomorrow will undoubtedly be better. 
11. I bought a family dinner tonight at the grocery store. It's my good deed for the day.
12. Did you know that if I moved to Portland I would live only 1/2 hour away from wine country?

13. I have a great little studio where I can make a big mess and nobody cares
14. I only have about a week and a half left on my heart monitor.

I feel much better. Thanks for listening to me whine.


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