Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Halloween Eye Chart Pillow & Printable!! {plus file sizes to print it BIG!}

Chevron Halloween Eye Chart Pillow

You may know this about me --

I am a Halloween fanatic.

I get so excited when Fall hits!!!halloween eye chart printable chevron

I have loved seeing eye chart projects lately and I thought it would be so fun to make one for Halloween!! I made a Halloween Eye Chart Pillow for this spooky season, and then, just for fun I made a printable to share with YOU!

halloween eye chart pillow

{and.. scroll down to the end to get the FREE **Printable** Eye Chart Files!!}

To make the pillow, this is what I did: 

5 steps

  1. I created the eye chart in my Silhouette Studio program.

  2. I flipped the lettering so that it was backward.

  3. I printed out the lettering on Heat Transfer Paper.

  4. I ironed the lettering onto white canvas.

  5. I cut out the chevron material – 1 inch longer in width and length than the pillow form.

  6. I pinned the lettered fabric to the chevron front panel and used a zig zag stitch to sew the pillow together.

the printable halloween eye chart

Now I have a fun little pillow for this Spooky Season!!

And -- I made a printable version to share with you!

All you need to do is click on the download button and you can print off a copy for your home.

And I included a little chevron just for fun!!  

You can choose between Orange or Grey.

Here's the orange version:

Halloween Eye Chart (Orange)

And here's the grey version:

Halloween Eye Chart (Grey)

PLUS, I have also included a way to print these off BIG!!

Here is a link to the .JPEG files -- so you can send these down to Costco or similar and get them printed out in a BIG size!!

The one I printed fits PERFECTLY in an Ikea 19 3/4 x 15  1/2 frame (IKEA Ribba (200.783.33)). You can send the file down to Costco and they can print it up THE SAME DAY. It cost $6 to print!!!

Here's the full collection of PDF printables, hosted on Scribd.

  Just click the download button to download the PDF. If you're going to print these at Costco or some other photo processing shop, you might prefer to use the .JPG or .PNG files, linked below the Scribd files.

 Note that there are five (5!) versions. The first is a "fancy" version that includes all of the classic eye chart numbers and frippery.

The two 8.5 x 11 ones are above, and here's the PDF version of the "fancy" one in 8.5 x 11. After that I've linked all the sizes in PDF, JPG and PNG.

Halloween Eye Chart 8.5x11 (Orange Fancy)

If you don't want to use the scribd links above, you can download the PDF versions to print at home using these links:

8.5x11 "Fancy" Orange PDF

8.5x11 Orange PDF

8.5x11 Gray PDF

(Bigger sizes won't work for PDF)

 If you're planning to print these at Costco or another photo printing place, I recommend you use these JPG files. Warning: they're huge files, especially the ones for the large frames.

8.5x11 "Fancy" Orange JPG

8.5x11 Orange JPG

8.5x11 Gray JPG

Big Frame Orange JPG

Big Frame Gray JPG

 And if the JPG files aren't working for you, you can also use these PNG file links instead. Warning: they're fairly large files, especially the ones for the large frames.

8.5x11 "Fancy" Orange PNG

8.5x11 Orange PNG

8.5x11 Gray PNG

Big Frame Orange PNG

Big Frame Gray PNG


***Coming up tomorrow -- my Halloween Wreath {there might be some chevron and glitter involved, just sayin....}

PS -- It's
Autumn and time to think about Fall get-togethers, Tailgating and
Autumn revelry. Here are 19 of my favorite Fall Centerpieces that I am
spotlighting at The New Home Ec :)

Get your Fall party on!!

And be sure to check out Eighteen25's Halloween Spooktacular - where I shared this project originally. It's such a fun party!! 


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