Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fern imprint concrete tabletop

While waiting on the Medi script for Frog, being she had stepped on a nail and day 3 showed infection, I thumbed through a magazine titled Family Handyman. Oh Boy was I tempted to buy it! BUT- that $11 price tag had me decide otherwise. So, during our long wait I began writing down notes on the 2 projects I had become smitten for.
After a quick search on the Magazine web page, I found those exact 2 projects with step by step directions. I knew this amazingly simple yet hard looking table had to be shared with all you. 
Not that I have made it, yet. Plenty of others ahead in line here. With the knowledge & experience I do have in the workshop, I knew this may appear daunting as a finished piece but in reality this is something almost anyone can make. Not too mention bring some stars to your chart when asked by friends where you bought it.  "Oh, I made that. Isn't it just lovely?!". Great conversation starter!
Now of course you will want to go the link I share below for more details. In the mean time, Just to prove the easy making of this beauty, lets see a few of their "how to" included photo's.
You would need to purchase crack resistant cement. PLUS if you can score an old bookshelf with that cheap melamine coated particle board for your simple frame, your cost is greatly reduced.
Once the frame is built, You want to seal up those corners & cracks for smooth edges using caulk & tape:

 You then spray glue adhesive inside where you will place those dried off freshly harvest Ferns. Once the glue is dry, you will then pour in your cement.
Let it dry fully then you will remove the sides of your built frame. Flip the cement slab with the "bottom" {in this case white} board still attached. You will then gently pry the two apart:
Now you will want to get your base done while you allow this table top to "cure" more. Not too mention, personally, I would build the base AFTER the topper so you can be sure the two fit perfectly together. here is the base which shows what you need:
See? This is truly one of those simple projects that really wow with it's final presence. How wonderful of an addition this would be to your outdoor, or even indoor, seating area.
Now follow this link
{ }
 for the complete how, what & where on making this expensive looking addition. Who knows. Maybe you will like the look so much, you decide to go with concrete counter tops and sinks!
The following are from Elements concrete {gotta give credit for their photos showing amazing use of concrete}
Yes darlin'. That truly is CONCRETE counter-tops! The corner embellishments are the most endearing touches.
And check out this jaw dropping CONCRETE vanity sink top!
I do believe should I ever have the opportunity of building a new cottage, I want Concrete sinks & counter tops. I wonder what the pricing difference is between counter top materials of wood, particle, granite, stones & Concrete... Oh the things my mind ponder...

The grow lights have been brought out and the flats are quickly filling up the dining room bay window view. I am whipping up a flat & light frame this weekend. I simply can not use another table as I had last year. The dining room was horridly crowded. 
Now I must be off. I have a HOT date.... with My Captain. He is taking me to see the movie WanderLust. Why do I have the feeling he may find it as a comedy but I may walk away even more wanting of an intentional community {aka "picking of your own neighbors"} on some 100 or so acres. Oh the things I ponder.... Oh! one more thing. be sure when you pic out your lettuce seed this year, to get single color packet varieties so as to make some Lettuce tub art like the ones mentioned years ago here. Red in one pack, green in another & so on. From spirals to Peace Symbols & hearts. Bring those unexpected smiles & adoration into the Spring garden!

Sweet Spring Dreams,


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