Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Queen of the Pallets, strikes again!

This month in the land of The Unusual Farm Chick, we are playing Pallet Queen. Yes. I declare myself Queen of the Pallets. The Captain has brought many a truck load of so called "broken" pallets home from work to use as fuel for weekend Bonfires. I have been eyeing his piles for some time and finally have the opportunity to attack. I drug out every pallet piece, laying them out for size comparison as well as quality before the dew had even dried from the grass blades. The Captain came walking out to see where I had disappeared to. Most husbands would have the look of bewilderment to come upon such a scene. Not my husband. He gets that look of amusement throwing in a statement of "I wondered where you were so early this morning. What are you making now?". yep. My King has only amusement for my antics throughout the years.
"I'm building a couch. Here, hold this up for me", as I try to size up two pallets. Like a good King, he does what he asked and does it with a smile holding back his laughter.
I know what some of you are thinking. A couch? Really Farm Chick? Have you gone bonkers? Yes. Well no. I guess when people think couch, they think of the soft indoor seating pieces. This is an outdoor couch. One that will have cushions custom made from even more upcycled items. A couch my Captain can enjoy sitting back in as he sits by his most enjoyed Bonfires. So I guess you could call them Bonfire couches... complete with cup holders... Far more comfortable then a bench. It's all a part of the Bonfire area remodel. My gift to him for his summer enjoyment.
The first couch in RAW FORM:

 I'm not the first to build such things from pallets, nor am I the last. There are so many being wasted, thrown to the landfills because of a broken slat or company disregard. Some people have even made a business of remodeling these free to cheaper then a cup of coffee pallets, making furniture or other useful items. Albeit, the pricing is not even close to a budget minded individual. A simple engine search using the words " pallet furniture , Pallet chair , pallet couch , pallet projects , etc will produce MANY sources of inspiration & how to's. The hard part on working with pallets, besides being a pain in the Arse to dismantle the pieces, they come in many sizes and shapes. Rarely ever being exact in size to similar pieces. Creative Problem solving is very common when utilizing Pallets for recycling.
I have utilized a few various kinds of pallets. Most think of the typical square shape with slats. I have found a source for 3 tier shipping pallets at a local Garden nursery, which is the source for the framing of my Potter shed last Fall.
 Now I have 2 Fireside couches using pallet wood and a few additional pieces found in the scrap cart of Home Depot for 51 cents each. I still have some paint touch ups left before I do the cushions.
The almost finished Pallet couch ensemble:

Including the price of screws as well as the scrap lumber, I made these two pallet couch projects for under $12. The screws were $10 a box and I still have a small amount left to utilize in this next project.
A Fort Club house for the kids, in the woods!
Another shipping 3 tier pallet found at the Garden Nursery Free wood spot. Even has a poly roof piece:

You'll need to stay tuned for the this next project's finished look. Little Man & I are busting out the tools to take on this next pallet remodel as soon as he gets home from school. I have a most adventure inspiring style in mind and can not wait to get it out. I'm hoping to incorporate their Zipline into this but I'm getting ahead of myself. I need to clear more between the trees as well as rip away the poison oak I have found twining around a few trees. I'm the only one in the family who does not break out in ugly blisters when dealing with these things, so you know where I'll be in the morn. Playing in the woods!
Sweet dreams,


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