Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gypsy Chick inspirations

I'm a chick Obsessed. As with any new adventure, I DIVE right in. I usually come up for air later on with just a few scratches...  Being this one has been a long term dream, it casts an even more surreal glow effect. Many thanks to Small farm Girl for her comment to my last post on the dilemma of contrasting decor themes. As to the subject of the Vintage camper decor, she suggested "Why not do both!". I began to think intensely upon those words and realized, if I change the Blue of the one choice into Turquoise and add some reds, rustic oranges and other desirable's in there to POP- I could mesh it together for the balance I sought. So the hunt began as I embraced my admiration for the Gypsy interior using Turquoise but keeping things middle road enough for The Captain.
I have contemplated some solar light self made lanterns to use with the camper being MANY candles in such close {and OLD} quarters is a bit scarey. Our local dollar tree has the landscape spike ones for $1 a piece which I knew fit perfect for my plans. the lanterns can be hung on the canopy or set on the ground in the sun during the day to charge & placed about for their evening enjoyment. I'll share a tutorial if you can wait that long but there are plenty of similar ideas on the net.
I am SO making a few of these knotted rope holders but a trip to the flower factory will produce much nicer glass vessels then mason jars {no proper gypsy chick would use Mason jars when they could be holding gems from the garden bounty~ unless of course they were tinted...}
Tutorial found over here at marthe Stewart living:

Speaking of tinted jars,I do believe this is pure WOW!
Who knew something as simple as GOLD puffy paint & food coloring dyed Modge podge would transform jars into Moroccan inspired lanterns!
Maybe not as perfect as the real thing but close enough! and boo coo bucks saved in the process.
Now how about a Moroccan inspired rug.Oh, the bust the budget price tag making you TRY to ignore the want? Then why not try out this tutorial using a shag rug and Rit dye!! Yep. Over at gorgeous & shiny things, you will find yourself in awe over the transformation you can create.
Has me turning the wheels on how I can transform a colored rug using bleach in place of the rit dye for some "milk thistle lily damask" Gypsy designs. Now where's that Bleach gel pen.....

Little brother Army brought me some very pretty scarves/shawl pieces from his time in the Middle East. He also made the mistake of showing me the bounty he still has filling rubbermaid containers when I helped them move from across (or is it diagonal) the country. I may have to seek out his willingness to part with a few more textile items in my color palette.
 Over the last 6months I have noticed a few similar scarves with the gold thread woven in at the thrift stores. Of course at the time I resisted snatching them without a clue what i would do with them. Now? I'm smacking the forehead with after thought. while making mentals to start snatching away!
Picture & tutorial via American Gypsy
Over at American Gypsy {whom has inspired today's post}, has shared a way to get those exotic pillows using scarves. Of course, you could use throws or other large pieces to make pillows for the bed or floor lounging. Luckily I found her as I mooned over exotic pattern pillows, rugs and blankets. Scarves run a whole dollar at the thrifts here and textiles all run under $4. Now if I could only find the color scheme I desire, I would be set!

Now as for a piece to use on the outside of My Gypsy Chick caravan, an AWNING! Over at "This Montana life", you will find a very helpful {and again boo coo buck saver without the reduction in Glam}, easy Awning tutorial!

One must have something, after all, to make shade as well as hanging those solar lanterns upon.

I truly have not a single idea on what color route to go with {burgundy? green?, ?,?} I am leaning to a solid color top with Indian influenced shape scallops. This is the Mediterranean scallop found via four seasons tent masters:
 Yep. That's the shape I want hanging from the edge of the awning. Thankfully I have all winter to tackle that project.
Thank you for all the encouraging words & sharing in the happiness of my newest adventure. As you know, I'm all over the map.  Now you can throw in some Vintage Camper remodeling to the mix.
I go this Friday to measure her tires and HOPEFULLY find a used pair before bringing her home. otherwise she will be riding a landscape trailer. Who knew camper tires would be such an ordeal PLUS cost more then car tires? Gently Used tire shopping at boat yards & RV repair shops is in my future.
Sweetest dreams,


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