Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick Morning stroll of new garden sights

I am VERY happy with this years garden. The fresh tree mulch has made a huge difference in my normal routine. It has reduced the weeding by 95% and helps conserve the ground moisture which is great being we collect rainwater & water each plant by hand & bucket.
This year so far has been the best in a long time. A joy every time I walk through the gate and am swept over by the crisp apple scent of my German chamomile and the taste of fresh green peas I snap from the apple wood branch trellis.
of course there is always something to improve upon. The motto of every gardener still escapes my lips "Next year will be better". But this year? THIS is my next year and finally we have achieved "better".
Today, lets take note of a few new things found in the garden.
   As you stroll in the front gate, you are greeted with the sight & scent of the self sown Chamomile border before continuing the walk over River stones, through the Climbing peas Bentwood trellis.

At the far end of the garden you will find the Potter shed is now complete. A clear greenhouse poly panel for the roof and interior is painted the same blue as the Hen house to keep it bright. Some rearranging of fence panels has the new garden gate next to the potter shed.

The new back gate had been too plain being it is a shipping crate panel. Utilizing a dremel and jigsaw, I etched out the word "Grow" for the top slat, adding a simple touch of decor. It rolls open with the help of a Caster wheel on one bottom corner.

 We have just 3 chicks the Americauna hatched out. I had really hoped for more to replace the old clutch of layers. None the less, we still have time for another hen to turn broody... or make a trip down to Meyer hatchery for some Barred rocks.
And of course how could I not share my thrill of what is flanking the back acreage. We are met with an abundance of Black Raspberries this year. Far less Blackberry canes this year, much to my disappointment. I did venture out on the surrounding acreage scouting for more Blackberry canes and believe what I have found will suffice for a decent amount of jam for Frog & I.
We are set for some perfect temperatures this week. if only it would be coincide with the mass berry pickings but alas I do believe we will edge on hot when the "get yer bucket on" ripeness wave hits. Just a cup full a day as of today. 

Panda's Party is just days away and I am finally able to breath out my nose... most of the time anyway. Still sound horrible but I can breath! She has a few friends coming over for some Mustache cookie baking mania a day ahead. I may utilize their presence for some Berry picking should there be a surge before Sunday.
Party pictures soon along with some concrete container making around the corner. I have a wedding to begin prepping for and those Moss troughs are NOT going to grow themselves!

As always,
Sweetest Dreams,


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