Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Partner...

So I met someone "at a coffee shop" (my version of the story).

Here's the story.

I walk into a local coffee shop to meet him (randomly of course, I mean, it's not like we met on an online dating website or something...nope... not even that at all...wasn't nope... ), and before words are spoken between us, he spills hot coffee on me...So naturally, I retaliated and within 60 seconds, I got us both with more coffee.

We talked for awhile about each other until we decided that the afternoon would best be spent searching the city for a photo booth that would squish our faces together.  You read that right.  It was very important.  We failed.  First we went to Gateway, broke an escalator and lost his Jeep.  Then went to Fat Catz with no luck.  Later we met at Chucky Cheese's...not for dinner (as if that would have been better), but rather to continue our quest for this particular type of photo booth.  We thought we had finally found our machine whennnn it was out of paper... then toner... annnnnnd then turned out to be the wrong machine anyway...

So we left with $10 worth of unused tokens (we were reimbursed the 2 we used since the machine didn't work right), and decided to go see a movie.  We picked out the latest horror film, and it's latest showing, 10:50 PM.  We headed off to Iggy's for a quick bite, and arrived back at the theatre at find the doors to the theatre locked.  After finding a way in, we headed to what turned out to be the last 20 minutes of the movie (we read the 10:50 AM showing) ... Basically we arrived just when you find out Bruce Willis has been dead the whole time.

Several months later, after a day that we've decided we "failed with Flair," We've been on 5 mini vacations with and with out the 3 kids between us.  We've gone on Motocycle rides, to competitive races, and Skydiving in Moab.  Our kids love each other, and so do we.

Last weekend we attended RAW's runway show at The Depot in SLC, UT.  Where I will be the featured artist in September... More on this in the next post... which is right now.


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