Friday, August 4, 2006

In Protest to the puritan attitude of Mother's Nature!

I read the article where 5,000 letters were recieved about the mother nursing her baby on the cover of Babytalk magazine. Have you? then you know why I am outraged about it at the puritan attitude or shall i use the infamous Hypocrite statement. So its O.K for people to stare at a billboard with a women naked but positioned where you would use imagination to realy see anything but a baby's face covering a breast in what women have been doing since the begining of time to nourish the human race they call "distasteful"! Ummm well maybe you should cover your hair or wear a veil to hide your face too. When I go to the beach or a public pool such as the Y.M.C.A, I see women exposing more then what a baby's face covers not to mention what spills out from those bathing suits even over the age of 60 women wear! I read where on one blog some guy talked about how he thinks it is wrong to see a women nursing in public because he does not want to see their "baggy boobs". Yeah well I dont want to see some overweight out of shape unhealthy guy going shirtless anywhere either but they do! And they have bigger/saggier boobs then me! So here is to you puritans and your ridiculous attitude on Nursing mothers!

This is not about religion, lifestyle, or decency. It is about a negative image the breasts of women have endured by men and women in soceity. The breasts of women are for feeding their young and men seem to think of them as just sexual objects and not why we have them. Maybe you dont care and maybe I even managed to disgust or make you mad. Now picture that obese person walking down the street shirtless. yep, thats what I thought. The above is much more decent..... What you see above is actually how much exposure a woman would have nursing a baby. I have my sling that is used as a light cover when I am in public anyway. I am not ashamed to do the above in public at all. It is the eyes of men that keep glancing over while sitting next their wives or girlfriends trying to catch a peek which makes the women uncomfortable in my experience. I also do not bring attention to myself by announcing what or when I do it. So get off your trip and spend your energy on a more worthy cause like outlawing the smoking in a car with children in there! Now that is something you should be outraged at and making a fuss over. You know what I mean. look around the next time you are in the car, especially in winter when the windows are up & the driver-if they even do this- have "cracked" the window just so they can ash outside or because they think the smoke will not get in the car. yeah, cause the cigarette stops smoking in between puffs and the their exhale never stays inside right?!Maybe I will just keep posting pictures of Frog nursing outdoors untill she is weaned in protest to those who find it "distatseful" or undecent. If you do not wish your child to see the cover of the magazine that is your right as paprent but where are you when they are out in public? Maybe you need to change the attitude with your sons on the breast issue and they would not see them as sexual objects but as why they do not have enlarged mammary's. Maybe the attitude is due to the power we as women hold since we give life and we nurture it where they cannot. Maybe its because their mommy did not nurse them or raise them with a healthy attitude about breasts. I am not saying it is wrong for them to be seen as a sexual object. I am saying it is wrong to see them ONLY as a sexual object. I am disgusted by those who give a baby a bottle because they feel uncomfortable about nursing or because they just dont want to nurse. Well I do not want to get fat and gain 60 pounds with each of my pregnancies but that is just the way it is. Grow up and fight for a childs health not about the mom giving a baby a healthy start in life!


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