Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine ideas for your Sweetie

Valentines day does not have to be store bought surprises. In our home, the handmade gifts mean so much more. Even for the kid's class room event, I like to go that route so they have unique Valentine's which make for memorable surprises.
Lil' man and I worked on his Valentine Mail box for his classroom event and of course there was no way I was going to let him take in a bland shoe box. So we brain stormed some idea's and came up with this:

His name is boldly placed on the front, so I am just sharing a side front view. We could have spent more time making every detail better, but after 3 hours of sticky green tissue paper, I was ready to stop. We used twine to form the nostrils, belly heart and eyes. Pipe cleaners were twisted to make a movable formed tail. We also used a soda can box cut in half for the main body. A bathroom tissue tube cut in half and wrapped with tape for the arms. A cereal box was cut in 1/3 for the head and laid in an angle. The feet were made from the left over pieces of cereal box.

We cut teeth from felt and glued it on in the opening where his classmates will put in their valentines.
Now for the classroom Valentines from him, we are making Heart shaped peppermint patties with *this recipe*. Wrapping them in candy foil bought from a local bakers supply. Along with his hearts, we will computer generate paper slips which read "Stay cool Valentine!" along with a little fact about peppermint patties. (York peppermint patties started production in 1920.YORK peppermint patties were distributed only in the Northeast, Ohio, Indiana and Florida until 1975).

Now as for someone a bit older, a Valentine can still be something Handmade but much more personal. If you have a program on your computer such as windows movie maker, then this will be easy. Do you have a song that reminds you of someone special? how about looking through all those years of pictures-keeping the song in mind- and make a music video! What? You do not have the song on your computer? Can you find a video(any video will do) on a site like Youtube?

Go to that song's video, grab(copy) the url and then hop over to and paste the url into the "window". It's that easy! It will automatically strip the video away from the audio and download the audio to your computer as a file. Now you have a song to use with all those pictures for a very special valentine.

Here is an example of a music video I made up in a few days of down time (I had never made a music video before so this is my first time at it). It was amazingly easy. You just need to try and keep with the theme and beat when adjusting the pictures into the drop area.

Over time you will get better at it and to be honest...I found it rather fun to do. Your first video may not be perfect but the person whom you made it for will appreciate the time you took out to do it and of course it will be special to the person because you made it with love. This is just a few ideas for something different to do for Valentines day. A little imagination and having the special person in mind will make for something great.

I will not be on much after the 14th. I am one of those rare women who have issues with Uterine Fibroids and have come to the decision it is time to have a Uterine Hysterectomy. It is an emotional issue for me. As a mother and a woman it was not an easy decision but I was the one who made it. This is the reason I have not been as active and creative with my posting. This issue has been an almost daily "Pain" for over 6 months with no other solution working. Besides, Garden season is coming up and I have seedlings to start next month! Not to mention a wedding in Fort Worth Texas come mid May...

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