Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's all about the learning curve...

Well I did it. Our first spotlight has been filmed. I am now working on the editing which is a bit rough with new equipment and the software that came with it. I need to buy wireless microphones which are compatible with our new Camera. The built in microphone picks up background noise which can be heard along with any talking. I'm working on that and hope the software (once I get this thing flowing), will take care of the excess noise.

We now have a new Canon FS10 Camcorder. The image quality is amazing! The functions are fantastic. And after a look around comparing prices, had the BEST price. Anywhere from $150-$200 less then anywhere else. I will be working with them from now on.

You may be thinking "how and why is it so much less there"? Well. Their name says it all. New products and the best prices they can get for you. Be sure to check them out for any Internet purchases you may have in the future. By the way, their shipping is a LOW $2.95 for all purchases. Savings. Quality. Reliable & Fast shipping. I LIKE IT!

This weekend was so much fun. I am excited to share it with you very soon. I have to admit. I am learning as we go, taking from one to improve on the next. Feel free to email me with any friendly criticism. As I have mentioned before, your opinion DOES count.

My body froze within an hour of being outside. My wing man was not able to man the camera so I ventured out by myself. Despite the non shake feature and trying best to stay steady while filming, there are some rough points. Not too bad. But I noticed them.

3 hours hanging out with A Maple farmer. Who had the most delightful stories of his life, growing up on that farm. I found myself climbing down ropes to get in the ravines and rabbit jumping through the snow, trying to keep up with his long stride. Only once the camera came out, did I recognize the freezing fingers and what are suppose to be snow boots were more like canvas shoes. I was shaking from the cold well into the next day. was so worth it.

I found myself being nervous at first. Trying to get Scott a bit more relaxed with the camera, actually helped me relax. Within a short while we were both laughing and being goofy. His last name was bit of a tongue twister which made for some funny bloopers.

Not to mention I LOVE how he towers me at my height of 5'8. I look so tiny next to him in all his Carhart cuteness. His wife Tammy had other business to attend with, so I was not able to interview her about their 1820's log cabin. She has it as the store where they sell the Family Maple syrup amongst other great things.

Our videos will be hosted on Youtube then embedded here with a description. The Camera quality does not transfer well with use of my youtube account. I thought I would share a sneek peek with a few snap shot pictures, clipped from our video footage. Not a rating quality, so no need to do it on this one.

I could have talked with them all day but the ride back home was just over an hour and my body was shaking uncontrollably from the cold. Ready for the fire my Captain had made back home.

The trees are tapped. Seeds have been nestled in their new beds ,under the grow lights. The sun has finally begun the Spring awakening, melting the 3 feet of snow we have had. The season of new beginnings and fresh life are the most exciting gift after such a long and cold winter. What better time is there to start our new Video series, spotlighting Real people of Homesteading and the great Artisans sharing a piece of their skill. I hope you will enjoy these mini segments as much as I have adventuring out to all these destinations. They may be little rough in the beginning, but life is a Learning Curve. Full of adventure just waiting for you to ride along.

Until next time...

Sweet Dreams,



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