Monday, March 1, 2010

places, people and BUSTED!

I went somewhere today that I can not stand going to. Most people have no issue with it, but me? The lines...Oh dear monkeys the lines... And those tiny parking lots which I rarely find a spot in. But today those cloud monkeys smiled on me and allowed a vacant POST OFFICE! Yes. You read it right. I finally gained a clear head & got off my arse. I am up to date with ALL packages which are overdue. I even snuck in something extra for each one I let sit in the "postal due" basket.
Not only did I make my way to the post office but was sure to get a stop in a local bookstore. I grabbed a book I've been admiring for a while. An International Best Seller by

Easy recipes for Natural Remedies and Beauty fixes. This book focuses on herbal medicinals you can grow in your very own yard or window sill. Herbs which can be found along the horse trails and hiking paths you venture on. James Wong provides home remedies--including solutions for digestive disorders, aches and pains, and face and body care and beatification, as well as kids` remedies--features 150 full-color photos, a list of suppliers for easy shopping and a 60-page reference covering the top 100 plants one should consider growing for use in home remedies.
You can read more about James Wong and his television series on BBC over here and over here. Keep your eyes open. This is a guy I believe we will be seeing much more of ( at least hopefully, here in the states).
I have been working hard on acquiring guests to spotlight in my upcoming Video segments, hosted on youtube and posted here. I have found some amazing artisans who will be sharing some very useful and surprisingly easy projects with you. I have a few adventures lined up for Mid-late Spring which will have you grabbing those hiking boots and venturing outdoors. I have had such a wonderful response by those who I have spoken with. You have no idea how hard it is to with hold the details of what I have been up to.
I am also working on some sponsors to help curb the costs involved. These companies make it possible for the adventures shared in our Video segments. Without them, we would not have such reliable equipment needed in this new path. I am hand choosing the companies with YOU in mind. I seek savings. I seek quality. I seek reliability. If you have suggestions for a company, please feel free to email me. Your opinion does matter. I am not (yet) a company but hope by mid Summer I can fix that. I am still seeking sponsors for help on the travel costs. That is one which proves to be hard without being an LLC. Just one day at a time...Taking just one day at a time.
I would also like to open the door for others who may have suggestions on Homesteads or Homestead related subjects (of all sizes and levels) which they believe would make for an interesting segment "spotlight". As of this season, I must keep the distance to no longer then 5-6 hours from the Akron Canton Ohio area.
Feel free to send me an email with the details and if they have a blog site- be sure to include it.
Now I must rest since I got in trouble...Doc was not happy I played for over an hour on the elliptical machine yesterday. Said something about rest and no jumping or jolting my body...Hmph. I have way to much energy for resting but he goes to my gym...Man. Nothing like getting busted by your own Doctor...
Sweet Dreams,


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