Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kentucky homestead & no more rabbit pellets...

I have taken the rabbits off any store bought food. No more pellets. A few times a day we go out and harvest fresh greens (from the overgrown grass in thanks to the constant drizzle of rain). The lettuce patch shot up quick over the weekend while I was gone in Southern Kentucky.
Now their diet consists of grass, dandelions, mints, lettuce of all kinds, carrots (green tops and roots from the thin outs) plus what ever fruit we may have in the house that day.
The babies are growing great and everyone is back outside in the yard.
We bred Momma again and are crossing fingers for lil buns next mid June. That is if I can keep our Lil Frog from getting in the cage and forgetting to lock it up tight when she leaves. I cringe at the thought of another momma rabbit on the loose to only give birth under the woodpile again.
This last weekend, I drove down to Southern Kentucky for our next video Spotlight destination.
My camera man/buddy Chris has known Stella for many years through Backwoods home and was happy to tag along on this trip. We had the most generous & warm host who not only housed us for the weekend but fed us some of the best food. If I of had my babies with me, I may not have wanted to return to the north! Pure heaven in those hills. 2.5 miles from the closest neighbor down that road and another mile or so past their place to one on the other side of their place. We stayed with Stella's oldest son who has come home to help tend the homestead of 100 acres.
The above was what I woke up to every morning and would sit out there sipping coffee, staring off to the morning fog rising from the river hidden behind those trees. On the other side of the River, the mountain top rose up so high, as you can see. No one around for miles. No noise pollution. Just the chirp of birds, crickets and the call of the frogs.
It rained the entire time we were there but that did not stop me from getting some fantastic footage and endearing stories from Stella's son Jason. he took me out on the 4 wheeler, roaming from the Holler flat land to the top of the mountain where the old Tobacco barn sill stands. 7 hours of riding a 4 wheeler. It was such a blast. Their Southern kindness had me so homesick for my southern home. My face hurt when we left from so much smiling.
In the video coming just a week from now, will be 2 parts. The first video posted will be the history of the Mcguire Homestead. It has been in the family for at least 5 generations now. Some amazing old pictures, loving memories and an inspiring family still tending their family land.
Part 2 of the videos will posted a week after the first. It will be all about the modern day Mcguire homestead. Showing what the family in modern day now do on the homestead. From the outdoor kitchen to the root cellar built right into the hillside.
Be sure to check back next week for the next segment in "Adventures with The Unusual Farm Chick".
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