Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tea Time

Tea tube comes in XL (as in the tea pot) and small for tea cup. You can find various versions (same concept) on Amazon. These particular ones are at this link for £6.99.

We all live in a yellow submarine...The Tea Sub (ha) is available from Play for 9.49. Although is something I's more likely put in a fishtank than tea cup, still cute.

The Newton Milk and Sugar set is oh-so-well-designed and practical. Available in white or black, or the special edition white ceramic with a hand painted real gold lining to the sugar bowl.  It's also been featured in The Independent's 50 Best Bargain Homewares. The mechanism is based on gravity - you can pour the milk without removing the suspended sugar bowl, which remains level while you tip the jug. Another example of great design, uniting form and function, by renowned Finnish company Tonfisk. It costs £56.00, available here.
Wood and ceramic is always a nice combination and Tonfisk's Warm Tea (or coffee) set is no exception. Costs £175.00, available here.
Clever little Dumk-mug is a patented design my Mocha. So simple, but the best ideas often are. It costs £15.50, available here.
These hand-made teapots are inspired by British foods packaging. Each teapot is well proportioned and complements the original packaging design. Ideal for decoration or as a gift, these teapots captures the beauty of traditional British design. Available online from Pheasant the Tate & Lyle and Colman's Teapots are £54 while theMarmtea Teapot is £46.
The Fortune-teller tea cup adds a modern twist on a traditional practice. Each cup is embossed at the bottom with a hint of your future. Available from French design group Atypyk for €9.
Last but not least, a coffee related set, The Espresso cup and Tray set, designed by Fellina Sok-Cham can even be used to serve appetizers. Available from the Design Museum Shop.


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