Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tonka Tuff ~ I'm the Unknown stunt man...

Fooling around with the kids yesterday afternoon, I was amazed by how much abuse the new Tonka trucks take. I mean, yeah, the ones we had would not have the plastic corner covers like this one and have lasted as hand me downs due to their durability. The dump truck in this video was given to Lil' Man a few years back by His Uncle Army. All metal like the old ones but with "safety corners".
After frog took a HUGE "dump" crash into the ditch, I grabbed the camera just to see if they would keep doing it... And of course they continued crashing on for hours. My baby brother recently had surgery on his knee and Lil Man informed me, he wanted to make a movie from all the stuff I shot. So as I began organizing and splitting clips, I knew what song had to be included.
Lil Man said he thought a video of people crashing would make his Uncle feel better. I feel better just by watching it since I know this MILD compared to what my little offspring do on a daily basis. This is just a "make it while I enjoy morning coffee" project. Not a big deal.

I also have some news and hope I do not jinx myself.... We have found a rental house and if all goes well tomorrow, we will be moving mid June. I'll share more later on the place and will leave you with this lil' tid bit... The owner is using the excess land behind the house for his Market garden-selling Organic produce to restaurants and has agreed as tenants we can have our animals we currently own plus I can continue to get my hands dirty since there is plenty of room for my Food garden. The house is big & beautiful! It has met every want & desire on the family list we made. (yes...we actually made one of those).
Sweet Dreams,


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