Thursday, May 13, 2010

Video spotlight~Plant swap & heirlooms seeds

When growing a garden, you will most likely have plants which will need thinned out each year. By attending a plant swap, you can trade out your extra plants & seed for others you may like to acquire.

I found a very intersting woman in Nova Ohio who has begun holding an annual plant swap & heirloom seed sale. Her farm is called "Harvest Thyme". A woman after my own heart with her love of heirlooms. She shares some very intersting information pertaining to how and why she grows exclusively Heirloom variety produce during our visit to her plant swap.

The day was very windy, a few minutes of pea size hail came down and the chill made us regret not bringing gloves. Our late Spring visit was a bit too early to see her crops growing in the field. Later in the year we hope to visit again when Dawn will share more on how to properly save seed and give us a glimpse of her abundant fields.

As always, the split second editing on my computer is not the best. There are hiccups but none the less, enjoy the video. I hope you feel inspired to find local Plant & seed swaps in your area. Bring a gardening friend as I did and be sure to read up plant swap etiquette.

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