Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A-Z logo poster

A-Z foil embossed poster using logos (or one letter of a wordmark) for a pop culture alphabet poster by Jason Dean. What the designer says:

I'm very interested in pop culture, especially in the way that corporate culture has crept into our daily lives. Practically everything, including brands that we might think are mom-and-pop operations, is either owned or at least sponsored in one way or another by the top 1% "Mega-Corps" of America. Being a designer who is often employed by these companies, I am at once repelled by some of their social responsibility as well as in awe of their incredible branding initiatives, marketing and overall public image know-how. For example, I'm sure Paul Rand would be aghast at what happened at Enron, but his work for them has surely stood the test of time, and while his logo may now be a symbol of corporate greed, it's no less beautiful or functional as a design object. This is the fine line between art, daily life and corporate culture that I'm exploring. Branding and corporate culture have become so pervasive that I sometimes wonder: will these be the symbols that our children's children equate with these letters, rather than apple, ball, cat and dog?
(via FPO)


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