Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anti-discrimination campaign

We here at Pandora Ogilvy pitched (and won) for the E.U sponsored Anti-discrimination campaign. The copy reads:

Joy doesn't discriminate.
Passion doesn't discriminate.
Pain doesn't discriminate.
Love doesn't discriminate.
Time doesn't discriminate.
Who are you to discriminate?
Our differences make the difference.

The campaign has gone live for the summer of 2010 - Print, TV and Radio. These are the posters:
General: Love doesn't discriminate is highlighted. Say no to racism is the subheading.
Age: Time doesn't discriminate is highlighted. Say no to age discrimination is the subheading.
Homosexuality: Passion doesn't discriminate is highlighted. Say no to discrimination against sexual preferences is subheading.

Also spotted in an elevator of an age care centre in Lefkosia is a newspaper clipping of the ad.


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