Friday, July 23, 2010

Designer Water and Limited Editions

Yes, yes, YES!!! I love designer waters -as it's the closest I'll get to owning a designer anything on this salary. The latest one is the (subtle) Missoni / San Pellegrino limited edition bottle.

Evian is usually the brand best known for collaborations with fashion designers. Below are a few of my favourite:
Stripes by Paul Smith for Evian
Lace by Christian Lacroix for Evian.
Gaultier's take on Evian comes in his trademark can.
Turning the slopes into the bottle - perfect!

The beautiful folklore inspired limited edition Font Vella bottle.
KOR's limited edition nature-inspired art sustainable bottles helped raise fund for tackling ecological issues.

Collaborations and limited editions is nothing new for Malibu, Absolut and Cocacola though is it? The much coveted collectible bottles make a gifts and ornaments. Click to view larger images.
The one below Malibu is my favourite - draw your own bottle, markers included.


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