Monday, July 26, 2010

The big kit & the kickin' clubhouse

The baby rabbits are going strong. We lost 2 in the first 48 hours including the one she birthed 14 hours before the other 7. At just 1 week old, we already have a kit twice the size of it's litter mates. If it's growth keeps up like this, I plan to keep it as a breeder.

There is an area off to the side of the house which is overgrown with brambles & weeds. It sits about 6 ft higher then the rest of the yard. I began clearing it out so we can place the tall wooden play set up there. The plan is to stabilize it to the ground and run their zip line from the top clubhouse area to a tree off in the clearing. About 125 ft away. I'll need to build a small 4x2ft platform for their landing area. It should make for some fantastic fun for the kids. Plus I will need to re attach their pulley system for bringing up their wood basket full of their "stuff". Little Man has asked if he could do it this time. I'll be there to assist but I will indulge any help they want to give.
Imagine, being 20 ft above the rest of the area, looking out with a telescope through the woods. Tree branches and thick grapevines surrounding you. Giving the feeling of being in the woods alone. Sounds of birds and the wind swaying the branches of trees. "Intruders" are spotted, so you grab the zip line handle to fly from your lookout through some clearings to the other side of the woods line. I would have LOVED it as a kid. My 3 enjoy the wooden play set and it's climbing rope. The slide is nice too. No bumps. Just a smooth 7 ft long plastic slide. I am brainstorming some other ideas and may go with my previous plan of a rope/wood plank bridge going to another tree. I will survey it some more tomorrow for the perfect tree. It will need a small "look out" platform built in the tree, so it may not work as I hope.. sigh....I love this stuff. Knowing that my kids will enjoy all the work we put into it, makes the bug bites, thorny cane scratches on the face & arms plus the sweaty skin clung with chunks of plant debris well worth it.
This weekend I am biting the bullet & purchasing a memory card for the Sony FS10. I have done everything we can brainstorm to fix the issue and my FIl suggested to just get the card and see if it will read that. We think there is something possibly faulty in the camera. It was tried on 2 separate computers, downloading all the software/drivers with no luck of recognizing the connection. Oh well. I needed one anyway.
Well I must be off. Momma rabbit and her babes are ready to be moved from their wire cage to a bigger pen area and a wooden nest box. I have been using cardboard so i can replace the nest every few days. Keeping things cleaner in their small quarters.
Sweetest Dreams,


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