Saturday, November 6, 2010

Artisan bread part 2 video~ Debunking Artisan bread

Below, I share how to use the Biga starter I shared in yesterdays video. I have broken the methods into 3 easy parts. This will allow ease in understanding the methods & gives more time for me to explain each method, show how to do it plus share tips & tricks I have learned, during the few years I have been making this recipe. I hope you enjoy your visit into my kitchen and try your hand at this delicious Rustic Italian loaf recipe. You will get the gourmet bread at such a fraction of a cost. The recipe makes loaves at about 25 cents each in home making cost. Well worth learning not only for the saving of money but the admiration & delight your family will have from your new skill.

Check back later today for the final segment of this series. Just in time for some weekend baking. In the mean time, get started with this & my previous video from yesterday, for following along on how to form the loaf plus tricks & tips for baking a crusty Italian loaf. I will also share a few "flavoring" ingredient amounts should you like to try something a little different after your success with the plain loaves. The third & final segment for this *is at this link*.

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