Friday, November 26, 2010

City Weekly Gift Guide

I was one of the crazy people who dragged myself out of bed at 3 am today to go Christmas shopping to get the $9.00 crock pot and $3.00 toaster. One of our stops was at Urban Outfitters and I'm so happy I did because I got to pick up last week's issue of City Weekly.

I did the usual and stuffed it in my purse to read when I get home and finally tonight, opened the thing up to read their 2010 Holiday Gift Guide and saw my stuff in it! How awesome is that! I was so excited I was running around the house screaming for about an hour while my kid just starred at me funny and joined in at times. The only problem is, they switched out issues today and now I have to track down a bunch of last week's issue. Anyway, here's the link. I'm on pg 2 I'm so excited!


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