Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Design Studies: Think BIG!

After it being commented on during the lecture that everybody had posted their Design Studies work during the night before the deadline - I thought I would take the opportunity to get my work up early. As keen as it sounds, my previous work for Design Studies had in fact been posted for a few days, but as a draft - so I hope you are reading this, Jonathan! Yeah!

That aside, myself, Ross, Fawn and Esther decided to begin Assignment 2: Think Big! We took over a small section of the gallery outside the I&ED studios. Stupidly - it was decided to do this during the Bomb Project, which was chaos. Probably not the best idea we've ever had. Fret not however, as we ploughed into it all quite keen to get it done none the less! The fun atmosphere around us actually helped rather than hindered, as I had suspected it may at first.

This was when we realised that the task itself was not as easy as first thought - due to our initial topics discussed. Esther and myself had both covered the "Airwalk" section of The Tipping Point, which as a group we decided to tackle first. Viral advertising is essentially what Lambesis created for Airwalk - so it was questioned how we could relate this to design. Viral-ad campaigns are becoming increasingly popular, so it is highly likely that we will come into contact with these in our line of work.

The remainder of our brainstorming will be completed and updated tomorrow - as one must dash.

I have work y'know.


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