Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I&ED: Bomb Project

During the beginning of this week, the entire I&ED department was split into mixed year groups. Each group was given a word as a starting point, and asked to inhabit a predefined space within the studios and convey our word via any means we pleased. We had two and a half days in which to complete this.

My team were given the term "shop", to which we responded with a shirt, cut into pieces, and strung up using fishing line to create a "floating shirt". They were also hung at different depths, to depict a different image from every angle, thus conveying how people see shopping in different lights. Some shop for pleasure, others - necessity. The individual pieces were re-covered in either advertisements cut from various papers and magazines, other areas were covered in money - representing consumerism.

Other teams also came up with some interesting ideas:

I'm sure there will more pictures to add come tomorrow, as the final presentation of all the outcomes will be displayed during the afternoon.


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