Friday, November 12, 2010

Furniture Design: Deconstruct-Reconstruct

Since the last post about my on going project in the studios with Emma and Hamish, we have decided upon several things. Firstly, the "living" aspect of it - to which we had intended on incorporating living plants within the pieces, has been scrapped. Secondly, we have decided that, given the pallets may only be cut in a set amount of ways to maintain their strength, we thought it best to build these on SketchUp and play around with compositions in blocks, not unlike Tetris.

This modular aspect had several benefits - one of which being that is allows us to create an "interlocking" system using the pre-existing blocks, to perhaps allow users to arrange the piece in ways suited best to them. It meant that it was more sociable, and catered for perhaps two individual smaller groups of people, or a larger group. We also had mutually agreed to keep the light sculpture aspect, as it created a recreational area by day, as well as being an installation come light feature by night. Currently, we are researching into how to tackle the outdoor lighting issue. For the purposes of this project, I think we will provide indoor lighting, with plans for it to be on a grander scale including safe outdoor lights.

Other things that have been discussed include: it's purpose, who would use it? For this we have come to the decision that it could be potentially mass produced, and used in recreational parks. The interlocking feature of it also allows for it to be transported.

Obviously due to the many compositions available we will continually be developing the final outcome. I suspect that by the end of the project, we will have some form of light installation come seating - however what form it shall be in, is yet to be set in stone.

I have included some images below to document our process so far. Two of the delivery pallets have been sawn down in the two basic ways we have agreed on. From here we will arrange, re-arrange, de construct, and arrange once more until we are happy!


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