Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Furniture Design: DeFrustrate - ReFrustrate

Currently we are in a bit of a state of limbo - and as a result, I'm not sure as to where this project is going anymore. We have had some what of a turning point. I guess every good story has one, so here it is.

A short chat with our tutor has revealed that we are going down a "brutalistic" route, which, given architecturally the building in which we study - seems apt to me. An open brief such as ours, and with subsequent in-depth research, surely means that we are open to interoperate the brief and outcome in any such way we see fit.

Not only this, but we had gained only 4 brand new pallets, with later access to limitless materials, however not in quite such perfect condition. We had been advised to break down the pallets into the blocks we wished to work in, and play with compositions, documenting the process by photograph for development purposes. However, as a result of going through the aforementioned process, it means the pallets that we wished to maintain as our surface material due to their condition have been sawn into blocks - which may (and undoubtably will, given my recent luck in life) render them useless as we move towards a new direction.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what direction the group are to move in next, as not only do we have a diverse group in terms of opinion - which previously proved difficult when narrowing down design from endless and vast variations, but we also have to go through this process all over again - with only 17 days until presentation.



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