Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is a new Nikon D90 coming my way?

After all this new budgeting of our No cash No carry life, I now have the agreement from The Captain that in the Spring I can plan to purchase (the much desired) Nikon D90! To prevent any mishaps like those I have endured with my current & previous digital cameras, I have decided to buy a secure storage/carrying case. I had a look on the CSN luggage website, where I am now considering a briefcase look. They have laptop brief cases in almost every color with a classy fun look. I almost caved for this green one:

There are tote bags. And of course there are Camera cases. But I like the bright color selection of the briefcases. I of course do not need the case until Spring. Which is a good thing. I have seen so many great looking camera bags out there. Sized just right for the extra lenses and the big body of the higher quality (and price) digital cameras.

I'll keep checking out CSN over the winter. New things are always popping up over there.

Any recommendations for a child proof, clumsy proof & pretty much any disaster imaginable proof camera bag? Maybe I should just get one of those metal exterior padded interior deals. With our/my history of camera incidents.

Coming up next: UPCYCLE that old or thrift store favorite sweater into a kid (& now mom) favorite accessory! {tutorial time}

Sweetest dreams,



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