Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Motivational wall candy...Some positive thinking on a rainy day.


In the Netherlands, where I'm from, it used to be very popular to have tiles with motivational (or in some cases, silly or plain rude!) phrases on the wall. They were especially popular to have in the bathroom. I guess people liked to think philosophically when sitting on the toilet...? The Dutch tile pictured reads "A person without dreams is poorer than a person without money."

Tiles like these have gone out of fashion some time ago, but I do like the idea of having some positive messages in my house, to keep up the good spirits - especially when done in nice type fonts and bold colours and given a pretty picture frame. I found some modern versions of the motivational tiles in the shape of prints and wall stickers on Etsy:

From Etsy seller Thebigharumph
From Etsy seller colorbee

From etsy seller sunnychampagne

From Etsy seller Dalidecalls

From etsy seller mursblanc
From Etsy seller SPRdesigns


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