Sunday, November 7, 2010

Painting furniture. How to do it properly!

Image: Design Sponge
I love the Design Sponge blog, especially her Before & Afters, and recently I discovered many 'how-to' manuals on the site as well, which I am definitely going to use in my future projects. At flea markets, carboot sales or on the freecycle website you can find so many unwanted, unloved, but real 'high potential' pieces of furniture waiting to be transformed and I'm just itching to start a little project again.

I have always admired cupboards or side tables that were painted to look 'antique' in a nice distressed style, but I never quite understood how to create that look. One of the secrets, as described on Design Sponge, is not to put primer on those bits that you want to look 'old' and worn, like the corners or edges of a drawer for example. Then when you paint over it, the paint doesn't stick as well to the surface as it does to the primed bits, so the original colour still shines through. Dark brown cupboards are apparently best to use for this look. Good tip!

>>> For the full How To, please visit Design Sponge: painting furniture.

And of course, once the hard work is finished....go shopping for some cool hardware!


Image: the bellalifeblog

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